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V.32,no.4,Dec 2020
Journal Textile Coloration and Finishing
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2020 / V.32,no.4,Dec
Title Dyeability of Nylon Fabrics with Dyestuff for Supercritical Fluid Dyeing (1) : C.I. Disperse Red 167, C.I. Disperse Violet 93
Authors Hyunseuk Choi*, Shin Park1 and Taeyoung Kim1
Institution/Affiliations DYETEC, 1Daejoo Machinery
Pages/Total page pp.217 ~ 225 / 9
Language Korean
Abstract In this study, the dyeing characteristics of nylon fabric which is dyed with supercritical fluid were investigated. There were two dyes used in the dyeing experiment: C.I. Disperse Red 167 and C.I. Disperse Violet 93. Dyeing temperature, pressure, and leveling time were fixed at 110°C, 250bar, 60minutes, and the experiment was conducted with dyeing concentration of 0.1, 0.3, 0.5, and 0.85% o.w.f. The analysis of the experimental results was found out through the measurement of washing fastness and color coordinate. In addition, the calibration curve of each dye was drawn up and the amount of remaining dye was checked by measuring the absorbance of the residual dye. As a result of color difference measurement, as the concentration increased, the L* value decreased and the K/S value increased. However, the increase in K/S value compared to the amount of input decreased as the concentration increased. The comparative experiment on the amount of residual dye(C.I. Disperse Red 167) in the pot showed that 99.14% of the amount was dyed at the concentration of 0.1% o.w.f, while it rapidly decreased to 77% at 0.85% o.w.f. C.I. Disperse Violet 93 dye also decreased from 0.5% o.w.f to 93.91%. In the washing fastness experiment of both dyes, the level of washing fastness began to decrease from samples dyed at 0.5% o.w.f. It may be because the simply absorbed dye was produced instead of completely being fixed in the amorphous region of the nylon fiber.
Keywords supercritical fluid, dyeing concentration, dyeability, azo dye, leveling
Reference http://koreascience.or.kr/journal/OSGGBT.page?&lang=ko